Board of Directors

Mary Nogueras, Executive Director

Mary works with adults with developmental disabilities who live independently in the Cape Cod/South Eastern area. Mary and Jose have four children. They adopted one of their children and are in the process of adopting their oldest. Both kids have spent a significant amount of time in foster care. Mary is passionate about helping the youth in care and wants them to feel celebrated on their special day.

Jose Nogueras, Operations Director

An Active Duty member of the US Coast Guard, Jose brings his 14 years of logistics experience to managing The Gifted Crates inventory. A father of 4 children, two of whom were once foster kids themselves, Jose has the heart and understanding of what each child we serve yearns for.


Maureen Spencer, Assistant Director

Maureen's work in healthcare and human services helped to further her passion for giving back to the community. She has many years of experience volunteering and fundraising for various organizations. Her daughter, Mackenzie has played an active role in these efforts and continues to do so with The Giving Crate. They hope to open their home to children in foster care as they continue their work to make sure every birthday is special.

Laura DeVelis, Social Media Director & Secretary

Laura is a mother, wife, and business owner. She spent several years in the financial services industry in a corporate role until she decided to spend more time at home with her family. After a few years at home, she entered the Direct Sales industry which she continues to do part-time. Laura spent some time in foster care as a young child and while her foster family was amazing and she remains close with them to this day, she recalls that feeling of uncertainty and disruption in her life. She has wonderful memories of her time there and wants to help other children in foster care create special memories and feel celebrated and loved like she did.


Karen Spencer, Treasurer

Karen joins The Gifted Crate with a background in business and supply chain. She has spent many years volunteering and working with children. This helped to foster her love for celebrating milestones in life, especially birthdays. She hopes to encourage others to join our mission in celebrating each child on their special day.

Carrie Bishop, Board Member

Carrie has spent the last several years raising her three kids while working part-time in the Direct Sales industry and at a local gym for kids. She is passionate about children and is always organizing events and fun activities for kids in her community. Carrie would love to be able to foster or become a visiting resource for youth in need someday. In the meantime, she’s passionate about being able to celebrate these children through The Gifted Crate.

Deanna Lima, Director of Development

Deanna was born and raised in Lowell, MA to immigrant parents from the Azores, Portugal.  She earned A Master’s Degree in Community Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell where she also taught in the Psychology Department for many years.  Deanna has worked in the Merrimack Valley focusing on addiction and crisis prevention and intervention.  Deanna is driven by the principles of social justice and thrives on improving herself, her community and ultimately the world!  She is excited to expand the capacity of The Gifted Crate so that more children in foster care feel the love and support that is critical to healthy development.  After all, every child deserves a happy birthday.

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