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The Gifted Crate's mission is to deliver a customized birthday-in-a-box to as many children in foster care as possible across Massachusetts. Despite the circumstances surrounding the placement of these children in foster care, they deserve to experience a memorable and joyous birthday celebration. We also recognize the heroes that are foster parents. Helping to alleviate some (financial) burden for these families is our way of saying "We see you, and we thank you for what you do".  

How it Works:

1) DCF Social Workers identify children deserving of a birthday crate and submit a request to The Gifted Crate. Social Workers may email to request a birthday crate request form. Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to requested delivery date.

2) Upon receipt of the request form, we will assemble the birthday crate from our inventory in our storage unit. Each crate will include a boxed cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, napkins, and customized gifts based on that child's like and interests (from request form). Our inventory is stocked from in-kind donations through our Amazon Wishlist and toy drives hosted by our community. If we do not have an item in inventory, we will use cash donations to purchase.

3) Once assembly is complete, a Crate Courier is identified based on delivery location and he/she will coordinate a delivery/drop-off time with the Social Worker or foster parent.

We serve foster children through MA DCF as well as military families residing in Massachusetts who have opened their homes and hearts to these children.

Please follow us on social media as we share regular updates on our journey and crate deliveries. 

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